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Join The MEGAprenuer Movement!

What is a MEGAprenuer?

1. Has a mission to provide thier GENIUS.
2. Seeks a business ADVISOR.
3. Recieves MORE doing less.
4. Actively GIVES-back.
5. Builds a a culture  of "YOU Matter."

6. Knows the POWER of the "village."
7. ACTS on the numbers.

Stop Wasting Time Let Us Do The Hard Stuff 

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What is a MEGAprenuer?

1. Defines a BRAND to provide thier GENIUS.
     >Creates out of the Vision, Mission, & Values of the biz.
     >Repeatedly uses showstopping fonts, colors, imagery, & content.

2. Seeks a business ADVISOR & Virtual Assistant.
     >Finds a mentor with a path & strategy to sucess.
     >Uses the ORG360(5) Model™.

3. Recieves MORE doing less.
     >Implements the 4.5-Hour Workday™ Schedule.
     >Outsources all Biz areas NOT in thier Genius Zone.

4. Actively GIVES-back.
    >Shares net profits with the "village".
    >Donates & Volunteers locally.
    >Is charitable worldwide.

5. Builds a a culture  of "YOU Matter."
    >Offers Flex work schedule.
    >Demands work life balance.

6. Knows the POWER of the "village."
    >The business "village" is the team.
    >Leads strategic recurring meetings that creates traction.

7. ACTS on the numbers.
     >Hires an bookkeeper, accountant, or CFO.
     >Manages Cash Flow.
     >Monitors KPI's, Metrics, & Margins.

Can You Relate?!

You are exhausted from trying to build your online business by yourself

You have invested too much time and money for your business to fail

You spend all of your time setting things up instead of getting clients

Online business was supposed to give you freedom but instead you can't take any time off

Reviewing Paperworks

Focus On Your Zone Of Genius We Do The Rest

MEGAprenuer Adviser & Virtual Asstant

We bring MBA strategies to your goals,  financial results, & metrics.

Virtual Asstant

We have Your Virtual Assistant needs covered.  We have the best of the best!


We have made bookkeeping super simple, private, secure, and user friendly, what more could you ask for?


You don't have to pay $10k to get an amazing brand Identity, Design and Brand Strategy

WEb Design

Creating a clean and beautiful SEO website with a clear message that converts is our specialty

Keyboard and Mouse

Live Love Organize

Outsourcing the things I didn't want to do to Fierce Advisers was exactly what I needed to enjoy my business again. 

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Rebecca exceeded any expectations I had and I am so excited for the brand strategy and online course she is creating for me.



Hiring you to do my personal branding, social media, and other projects to create my online presence has made all the difference and now I can stop stressing about it and focus on selling houses. 

Social Media

You can have an amazing Social presence without doing it yourself

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We have gathered experts for Google, FB, IG, & YouTube Ads. Plus amazing copy writers to attract your clients

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On-Demand or Subscription basis
Your Choice, Your Budget, Your Needs

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Oop's Where’d My Genius Go?

Let's face it. Running a business and taking it from zero to empire status is no easy feat. It's hard work. It's tiring. It will push you to your limits. You might even have to do a lot of things you're not really good at. 


Until now. 


What if you could spend more time working only on the things in your genius zone and leave the rest to someone else who actually likes doing those things? 


Hi, that’s us.  


Fierce Advisers is your genius zone champion, busting down the business roadblocks in your way so you can unleash your full genius in all its audacious glory. 


Whether it’s a website, personal branding, social media strategy, logo design, digital marketing, lead generation, online asset creation, or copy writing we put our business genius to work for you so you can do more in less time. 


It’s genius, really.

We Help Solopreneurs Become MEGAprenurs

Our Expert Advisers Work On Your Behalf So You Can Focus On Your Zone Of Genius

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Activate Your Genius Here

Reclaim your time and energy with a budget-friendly, tailored brand solutions that will boldly take your biz where it’s never been before.

Exactly what you need to start and scale any business

What Are You Waiting For?


  • We believe that solo is the slowest way to go and building an online business doesn't have to be so hard.

  • We believe that you should focus on your zone of genius and let our experts take care of the rest.

  • We believe you can take shortcuts and still scale your business fast, and that Fierce Advisers is your shortcut.

  • We believe you should hustle less and live more, and Fierce Advisers is the answer to the freedom you crave.

  • We believe God is our CEO and we have been sent to help bring your vision to life. Hiring Fierce Advisers will be the catalyst to your success.

Let Us Make Your Life Easier

Meet The Team

When you partner with fierce advisers we set you up to scale and you get to focus on making your customers happy. 

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Jillian - Founder

Operations Adviser

Jillian is passionate about drawing out that fierceness so that her clients can achieve their most audacious visions for themselves. She's known for her unique blend of hard and soft skills and how she uses evidence-tested techniques to empower her clients. 


Rebecca - Branding & Digital Assets Adviser

Hello, I am a Brand Identity Strategist for online entrepreneurs. I develop online assets and stand out brands that leverage your God given purpose so you can make money and impact working from home.  


Kelly - Copy & Content Adviser

"I believe in éclat. What's that? Éclat is bold. Brilliant. Distinct. Just like you and your products and services. 

I am focused on providing you with intentional, distinct, and electrifying copy to ramp up your web presence. You'll skyrocket up the search rankings and electrify your audience. I’ll take your writing off your plate so you can focus on all the other businessy stuff you need to. Don't sweat it. I've got you. I can provide that whopping dose of éclat your digital project needs so that your clients will be wowed and compelled to click, buy, and engage.

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Privin - Social Media Ad Designer Adviser

A very passionate and motivated guy I have been doing Facebook and Instagram advertising since 2017.  I help ambitious businesses owners to grow and sky rocket their revenue to the next Big Level. It will be a pleasure to partner up with you.


Fatima - Social Media Video Ad Designer Adviser

Capturing people's attention is a tough task, I’m here to conceptualize a solution for you with my video ad production skill. If you are looking to create a stunning 4K specialist video ad for your business, you have come to the right place. These ads would be highly optimized for Facebook and Instagram.

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