Flow Zone & 4.5 Hour Workday!

Updated: May 13

Have you ever found yourself so immersed in a task that you completely lose track of time? You look up from your task to discover that hours have passed in what seems like just a matter of moments. Your focus was so intense that the world around you faded away and all that mattered was the task in front of you. And you absolutely crushed the task you were working on.

Because you were so focused: ● Your productivity skyrocketed. You were focused on one thing and only one thing for a long period of time. Because your focus was so intense, you made massive progress on that task - much more than you would normally make. Nothing took you away from what you were working on. ● Your concentration increased. Normally you find yourself distracted when you’re trying to work on a particular task, but not this time. You were so “in the zone” that absolutely nothing could distract you. Your focus was at an all-time high. It seemed like every part of your brain was fixed on the job in front of you. ● Your enjoyment of the task went through the roof. Because you were so immersed in and focused on your task, your enjoyment of your work went up significantly. You weren’t thinking about the things you would rather be doing. You weren’t worried about the things that normally worry you. Rather, you were

100% laser-focused on what was right in front of you. How often do you experience what I just described? My guess would be not very often. Most of us find ourselves extremely distracted when we try to do our work. Our phone buzzes, Facebook beckons, text messages call for us, and a thousand notifications spring to life. Our brains feel like they’re scattered in a thousand different places. Just getting any work done requires a significant amount of effort. There are so many interruptions. So many distractions. So many things that take you off the task you’re trying to make progression. It’s almost as if the world is designed to distract us from working on what really matters most. ● Our productivity is low. ● Our concentration is scattered all over the place. ● Our satisfaction with our tasks is minimal. ● We don’t live up to our full potential.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. What would you say if I told you that you could reach this state of heightened focus, increased concentration, increased productivity, and over all happiness on a regular basis? What if I told you that massive increases in productivity, concentration, and happiness are not only possible but easily within your reach? It’s true. Even in today’s noisy, crowded, seemingly overwhelming workplace, you can get into a highly focused, highly productive state. That state is called “flow state” and it’s what this report is all about. If you want to achieve maximum productivity, you must understand “flow state.” It’s what sets the highest achievers apart from everyone else. Flow state allows a person to become a world- class performer in any area. It can enable you to be hugely productive even in the midst of endless distractions.

If you want maximum productivity, as well as maximum satisfaction in your day-to-day tasks, it’s important to know how to get into the heightened state we’re calling “flow state”.

Are you ready to start being more productive than you ever thought possible with a 4.5-hour workday?

Are you ready to start making progress on your biggest, most important projects?

Are you ready to achieve more satisfaction and happiness in the work you do?

Are you ready to achieve flow?

To begin:

Here’s how the sprint method works: ● Set a timer for a 30-minute spring and work intensely (meetings or focus time) (no distractions!) for that 30- minute period. ● After 30 minutes, take a 15-minute break to let your brain rest. During those 15 minutes, you can do whateveryou want. ● Then set a timer for another 15 minutes to “catch up” (emails, phone calls, VA check in, social media, etc…) ● Refocus & Repeat the process By using this sprint method, you forceyourself to focus intensely for 30 minutes with no distractions.

This allows you (even forces you) to enter flow state much more easily.

You don’t have the option of messing around on your phone or checking email. In order to accomplish your goal during the 30-minute sessions,you must ruthlessly focus.

The result is flow state.

It’s important to note that you need to give yourself enough time to get into flow state. For example, if you have to pick up your kids in 15 minutes from school, that’s probably not a sufficient amount of time to fully immerse yourself in your task.

Ideally, give yourself at least 25-30 minutes - more if possible. Your brain won’t immediately snap into flow state the second you start. It takes some time for you to focus and tune out distractions.

Sample Work Day:

7:00 am: Wake: Consume fresh water with Lemon & Cucumber and caffeine of choice (it needed). Review your day.

7:30 am: Stretch

7:45 am: Shower and ready.

8:15 am Prepare breakfast if not interval fasting.

8:45 am Prepare for work (commute or move to home office.)

9:00 am “Start of day Check-in prepare for sprint” (email (zero email method), social media, to-do’s (reprioritize), meet with VA. (30 mins- check-in work)

9:30 am Start 1st 30 min Sprint. (30 min-Focused work)

10:00 am 15-minute break. (15 min break) 10:15 “Check-in” VA, emails, phone calls, etc… (15 min – check-in work)

10:15 buffer stretch, squats, move & prepare for sprint (15 min -break)

10:30 am Start 2nd Sprint. (30 min- focused work)

11:00 am 15-minute break. (15 min - break)

11:15 “Check-in” VA, emails, phone calls, etc… (15 min – check-in work)

11:30: Misc work (any work)

12:00 pm break for hour lunch. (60 min - break)

1:00 pm “Mid-Day Check-in -prepare for sprint” (30 min – check-in work)

1:30 pm Start 3rd sprint. (30 min -focused work)

2:00 pm 15-minute break. (15 min - break)

2:15 pm pm “check-in” (15 min) (15 min – check-in work)

2:30 pm buffer - stretch, squats, move & prepare for final sprint (15 min) (free time)

2:45 pm Start 4th and final sprint. (30 min – focused work)

3:15 pm15-minute break. (15 min - break)

3:30 pm Final “check-in” (15 min) (15 min – check-in work)

3:45 pm connect

4:00-5:00 pm work-out or creative time.

5 pm+ Evening chill time.


AM: 1 hour of focused work, 1 hour check in work, 15 minutes of break, 45 minutes buffer, & misc work 30 minutes.


Lunch (60 minutes)

1 hour of focused work, 1 hour check in work, 15 minutes of break, 15 minutes buffer

=4.5 hour work day.

Then let’s dive in. It’s time to go with the flow. Want to know more? Download my e-book now!

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