The 30-min Power Huddle Meeting

The 30-min Power Huddle

The 30-min Power Huddle is just that, a power packed 30-min recurring weekly meeting agenda (for larger corporations this might be two sprints, with a break in between.) This meeting is part of your 4.5 hour workday™ schedule and becomes a 30-min sprint in the day. This approach takes you from a soloprenuer to a MEGAprenuer! This agenda is time stamped and time managed. We get a chance to hear quickly a business and personal best for the week, visit to-dos for complete | not complete (and why), 90-Day goal (on|off track (and why), reviews the SWOT; Strengths (successes), weaknesses (issues), opportunities (performance), and threats (profit), and reviews KPI's and metrics that were established in your 90-day mastermind meeting.

It is important that everyone attends and is laser-focused on the agenda items and not get off track. It is important that the meeting is held the same day & time each week. This will become part of everyone’s routine. It is important that everyone has reviewed their weekly to-dos and their 90-day goals and has updated the status and the why of each prior to the meeting. This allows for reporting to go quickly and the status is visible for all to see. The SWOT is completed in real-time during the meeting. The KPI’s are updated prior to the meeting by the appropriate management and reported by the same management team member.

Please use the 30-Min Power Huddle for the meeting agenda.

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