What is a MEGAprenuer?

We all here the words Soloprenuer, entreprenuer, business owner, CEO...on and on...What the heck is a MEGAprenuer you might be asking yourself. As a Megarenuer Adviser I have looked at this deeply. So let's have some fun and explore.

A MEGAprenuer, chooses to NOT be a Soloprenuer (in my opinion, a business owner that tries to wear ALL the hats) When you try to do all things, they eventually dilute and success become less and failed attempts become the norm. This comes back my passions around staying in your "Genius Zone." Kind of the old saying "stay in your lane." When we look at the concept of working in your purpose, we can see how when we try to do all things in business we strip away the opportunity to let others shine in their "Genius Zone." To me this is a true missed opportunity as a business owner.

A MEGAprenuer adopts the ORG360(5)™ business model:

  • Weekly Power Huddle: Weekly 30 Minute meeting with your adviser to establish|review status on goals, tasks, & to-dos.

  • Quarterly Mastermind: Meeting of the minds to monitor traction on 90-day goals, metrics, and profits strategy.

  • Annual Review: Establish an annual budget, Review actuals, and revisit Vision, Mission, & Value statements.

  • Goal Accountability: Weekly and 90-day meetings with an adviser to track goal % complete.

  • Profit Strategy: 90-day meeting to review profit strategy.

  • Established Budget: Annual Meeting to establish budget review previous actuals.

  • Cash Flow Mastery: No business can be successful if it does not have a clear cash flow budget.

  • Outsourcing Model: You and your advisor look at all the areas you are wasting time NOT in your "Genius Zone."

  • Bottleneck Analysis: Analysis of what areas are causing inefficient breakdowns.

  • Bandwidth Audit: Evaluating your bandwidth and those that work for you for burnout.

  • Automation Audit: Implementing automation where needed for efficiency.

  • Software Integrations: Always use technology to your advantage.

  • 4.5 hour workday ™: Adopting the 4.5 hour workday ™ model for doing business every day.

I hope you are excited to join the MEGAprenuer movement!.

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