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Brand identity consists of the overall brand design, the colors it uses, the logo, brand name, the font, its style of advertisements, the brand message, and basically every visual element of the company. When all of it is put together and balanced in perfect harmony it gives birth to successful brand identity.

Brand Identity & Design

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In establishing the right brand direction, there is first a science, only thereafter an art to it. We focus on deep brand positioning research to determine the exact branding direction that is correct for where you are planning to go. From there, we produce your branding.

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A lot of small businesses will buy a cheap logo online, pick out a few colors, and close the book on branding, but it’s a lot more complicated than that. You might have a competitor or two with very similar offerings – buying a logo on its own won’t help you determine the strategy of your brand and how you’re going to distinguish yourself from your competitors. There’s no meaning behind that logo and it might not even make sense for your audience.


When a customer is scrolling through social media and they come across a post from a brand they recognize, they’re more likely to take notice of it and watch it if it’s a video


Customer loyalty occurs when the customer has a continuously positive emotional experience with a brand and values the quality of the product or service that they get.


One of the greatest benefits of branding is that it earns you credibility. If it looks like you know what you’re talking about and you come across as professional, people will look to you and your brand as the experts


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Fierce Advisers is a transformational system, for SOLOprenuer's to succeed in their life, shed their inhibitions and don’t want to compromise on their goals and aims. They worked immensely to help us stand on my foot and do something incredible in my life. They motivated me with the help of their structured and curated programs. 

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Fierce advisers was our shortcut to success and gave us what we needed to scale fast by focusing on our zone of genius and letting us support the rest.

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At Fierce Advisers they do the heavy lifting and help you create systems and processes so you can accomplish more by doing less!