Are your operations, workflows, automations, to-do's, and goals set to optimized?

Why do Soloprenuers forget they must be as efficient as possible. Have you heard of the 4 hour workweek? A MEGAprenuer optimizes a 4 hour workweek, through a systematic approach. Do you really work productively, in intense focus, during the 8 hours of your working day?
Aha. No. Or you’re a superman.

Operation Systems OPS 360(5)

4.5 Hour Workday will change the way you do business forever.

4.5 hour workday. Outsource what is not in your GENIUS Zone, then try this simple schedule; wake up at seven. Take some time to emerge with a cup of coffee, tea, or lemon water. Use your morning for meditation, mindset, manifestation, & stretching. 10am start your workday, sit down and create focused work. Complete the most important tasks first thing in the morning. Stay focused for 25-minute sprints . Stay organized. Completed one task before moving on to the next (no multi tasking). Use automation to the most. Give yourself short 5-minute breaks between each task. Stop an noon for a one hour lunch break. Resume 25-minute sprints until 3pm. Use the last half hour of your workday to take care of an emergency or review your day.

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Outsoursing is your new GENIUS!

Never automate something that can be eliminated, and never delegate something that can be automated or streamlined.


The goal is to create an automated vehicle for generating cash without consuming time.

It’s easier to fill demand than to create it. Find a market—define your customers—then find or develop a product for them.


The main benefit of outsourcing consists of much lower labor costs. Therefore, it is cost-efficient and profitable to reduce your expenditures and significantly save budget. At the same time, you will get quality professional service at a reasonable price. Also, you save time and money on recruitment, training new in-house staff, offering benefits, etc.


Usually, companies outsource the most time-consuming and tedious responsibilities, such as software development. Delegating tasks to an external team of professionals will allow you to pay more attention to core business activities. You can actively work on elaborating your marketing strategy or other business-related activities.


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Fierce Advisers is a transformational system, for SOLOprenuer's to succeed in their life, shed their inhibitions and don’t want to compromise on their goals and aims. They worked immensely to help us stand on my foot and do something incredible in my life. They motivated me with the help of their structured and curated programs. 

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Fierce advisers was our shortcut to success and gave us what we needed to scale fast by focusing on our zone of genius and letting us support the rest.

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At Fierce Advisers they do the heavy lifting and help you create systems and processes so you can accomplish more by doing less!